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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Hi- tech automotive fixed my diesel fuel delivery truck and had it back to me very quickly and for a great price. It's great to see such responsive service."

– Google Review

"I got a coupon in the mail for a free oil change, and I didn't think it would really be free, but HI-TECH Automotive stuck to their word and my Acura is running great! I look forward to giving them more business as my car ages. Very professional and extremely friendly. Great job!"

– Google Review

"I moved into the area in the past year and have been looking for a good honest mechanic. My search is now over. I went here to get a second opinion on my car because the local Papays dealership was saying it's a loss. Instead of listening to them and buying a new car I took it to Hi-Tech. Not only did they tell me that there's nothing major with the car they fixed it fast and at a great price."

– Google Review

"Very good customer service and diffidently recommend for import car repair or maintenance!! Upfront and straight forward with repairs and cost."

– Google Review

"We have found Hi-Tech Automotive to be outstanding with their assistance to us with our vehicles. Tony has always gone out of his way to assist me. He's helped me out of a few predicaments and has offered very good advice. He understands and accepts our needs and does his best to meet them, whether they be mechanical, budgeting and planning repair options, and availability to run a thorough check of potential used car purchases. They are a delight to work with and we find them to be very honest. We recommend them."

– Google Review

"Great experience. Tony was fantastic told me all of my options for the repairs needed on my 1999 Audi A6 that had oil leak electrical problem and suspension problem. We went ahead with the electrical and oil leak problem car was repaired in a timely fashion and i am please to report car is not leaking oil and starts everytime"

– Google Review

"I dealt with these folks over the phone and 650 mile away while they were examining and quoting a price for the repairs and doing just the repairs that I felt were needed to get back to Pa safely, so that I can do the other repairs myself. Tony was very polite and professional the whole time, with what I felt to be a fair cost for repairs. Thanx to Tony and the team."

– Google Review

"Honest, friendly and professional shop. If you aren't sure where to go this is the place. Not sure why some people have given such bad reviews. I've read them and I had no issue that they claimed to have. To top it off the guy let me know about a coupon floating online! They beat every price we got everywhere else on a big repair. Saved us a couple hundred dollars and didn't try to con me into anything else like most places do with females! Will definitely be bringing my vehicles here from now on. Thanks Hi Tech!"

– Google Review

"Amazing! I will forever take my vehicles here, staff is super friendly and they work around your schedule and your needs. I was out of town when my car started acting up I called them and they were super helpful made sure that I had their number at hand in case I got stranded in the middle of nowhere."

– Google Review

"I feel that Hi Tech is an honest trustworthy shop that has done good work on my truck: no complaints from me, I have appreciated their explaining what needs repair and their honest estimates. I'd recommend them without reservation and am bewildered by the negative responses from a few unhappy reviewers, but also understand that it is impossible to please everyone every time. "The nature of business", but I also know that they try."

– Google Review

"We depend on High Tech Automotive to keep our car tuned and always ready to go. Great communication also. They do it all with a smile."

– Google Review

"We have brought cars in for routine maintenance and trouble shooting. Always get great service and honest advice."

– Google Review

"The folks at Hi-Tech Auto are what all local auto mechanic shops should be like. Every time I have had a car issue, no matter if it is small like a tire losing air or big like an engine losing power, I have been treated the same regardless. For those times when I just stopped by out of the blue because my car developed a problem, I did not expect to get immediate service but it was so great that they offered me the use of a Hi-Tech auto vehicle as a loaner. This meant I was able to get my vehicle fixed without losing any work time on my end. Just from the time I call or stop in to the time I get my vehicle back, I have never received the same quality of service that Hi-Tech provides anywhere else."

– Google Review

"I took my 2001 Saab to Tony over at Hi Tech a few years ago because it was losing engine coolant. I had taken it to Kenmark Automotive (I rate them 0 stars) as well as 2 other shops. Noone could find the problem. Tony called me from Hi Tech before I got home and told me it was a head gasket. They fixed it right the first time. Ive taken 5 different cars there for repair and I will never go anywhere else."

– Google Review

"Hi Tech has been amazing to work with. As someone who has a very basic understanding of car repair, Hi Tech does a fantastic job of educating me on the problems that arise, what caused them and how they will be fixed. I make sure to refer them to all of my friends and family. Next time you have car troubles or need maintenance, go to Hi Tech; you won't regret it."

– Google Review

"I have been going to Hi-Tech for several years now. I trust Tim so much. I always feel like I am given all the information needed and the time taken to explain things to me so I can make informed decisions on my cars. I have really enjoyed Jeremy since he has joined Hi-Tech. He will sit with me and explain anything - as long as it takes for me to understand. I know they know my name and my kids' faces when they see them come in. I am comfortable and trust the information I am given. I never feel cheated or over-charged. I really trust they are doing what needs to be done and if it is not right - they have made it right. I would recommend anyone to them and have!"

– Google Review

"After having Hi-Tech's quality car care and repair in the past, I felt so confident to have them to call on once again in preparation for a family vacation road trip. And they did not let me down! Thank you, Hi-Tech, for your excellent service."

– Yelp Review

"I've been taking my vehicles to Hi-Tech for service for the last couple of years. They have my complete trust. I've always been extremely satisfied with the quality of their mechanical work and the friendly ambiance of their waiting area. I plan to have them repair the differential in my pick-up truck this following week."

– Google Review

"A friend recommended Hi-Tech Automotive and I'm so thankful he did! Our experiences have all been positive. Everyone has been very friendly, they have gone above and beyond to provide excellent service, and have been honest about repairs needed and not needed. We have not been able to beat their prices for quality work either which is the cherry on top!"

– Liz H. (Yellowpages)

"Tim and his staff have been great to work with for several years. They have always provided quality work and honest prices. Hi-Tech has been passed on to several friends of ours as a place to go locally for vehicle maintenance. Blessings to your business!!"

– Yelp Review

"I'm so glad I finally found a place to bring my cars that I can trust! Thanks guys for taking great care of me. And how is it that you can always get me in so fast-that's really awesome too. Your prices are very reasonable AND you let me bring my dog inside! lol"

– Google Review

"I am a repeat client of Hi-Tech Automotive. I have used them for my basic oil change to my tranmission flush and/or repair. The last job I had them do was a coolant issue causing my engine to over heat. They repaired it at a very afforable price and I am now very please at how my car is working. Great job guys. I highly recommend you as a auto service repair shop."

–Yelp Review

"We first took our car to Tim when our transmission needed to be replaced. My husband was talking to some friends about how expensive it was going to be and one of them suggested HI-TECH Automotive. We didn't have anything to lose so we had it towed from Kirkwood (the dealer it was at) to St. Peters. The estimate was ½ of what the dealer quoted. Tim fixed the transmission twice because the first one was bad. He had purchased it from a company that provided a warranty so we only paid once. We decided that day we would take all our cars (4 to be exact) there even though we live in Florissant and it is a 30 minute drive to HI-TECH.

Tim has continued to be the best and most reliable mechanic we have ever used. The business is so "women" friendly. It is super clean, has all the best and current magazines, and he and his staff are all very respectful and friendly. He and Jeremy listen to me explain sounds and actions of my care with patience and without judgment. They don't fix what isn't broken and give you information so you can plan ahead for some repairs. We have referred friends there and they too were very impressed.

One last thing about Tim; He is a man of integrity and faith. We had a conversation about how he ended up as a mechanic. He told me about liking to fix things and being restless in school. He tried college because he wanted to "serve" the church but school didn't work for him. He fell back on what he could do and do well. He worked for other people and then was able to open HI-TECH Automotive. Today as I see it, he is "serving" the church and community by providing a place where people can have a need met, not be taken advantage of and trust in the service that is provided. Tim took his talents and worked hard to multiply them and is a blessing to our family. Thanks Tim!"

– P. Brooks

"My husband and I were planning a long car trip and brought my 2001 Honda Odyssey in for a 100,000 mile check-up. Not only did the car ride smoothly after the work but we drove the distance with complete "safety confidence". Jeremy gave us an honest and fair quote for the job and the technician did excellent work. We will definitely recommend Hi Tech to family and friends"

– Facebook Review

"Hi Tech Automotive is a automobile sevice shop that you can trust for all your repairs. Their honesty and committment to their customers is 2nd to none. Hi Tech Automotive appreciates my business and understands that automotive expenses arent the easiest to afford in today's economy. They are up front with their customers and offer guidance to affordably maintaining the service and repair of cars, van, and trucks. I hightly recommend Tim and his shop to anyone needing automotive repair."

– Google Review

"Tim and his people are honest, friendly and help me keep my car in great condition. I have a 4 Runner that I love to drive and they've quickly taken care of the minor problems as well as service that it needs. They always do what they say and let me know of other service items that I haven't thought about. I'm very happy that I found Hi-Tech."

- Yelp Review

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